Bridging the Retirement Gap for Your Employees

As employees today struggle to make retirement decisions that will supplement Social Security, they depend on employers to sponsor retirement plans that can help them meet their financial goals. An effective retirement plan is essential to recruiting and retaining valuable employees, as well as reducing business income tax liability. August Benefits can assist your organization with the following key priorities for a successful plan.

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of a plan fiduciary
  • Plan design and compliance
  • Selection and monitoring of plan investments
  • Plan participation and education strategies
  • Service, technology and day-to-day administration

We realize that it can be a challenge to keep up-to-date with complex and ever-changing government regulations for both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Required record keeping, vesting calculations, benefit payments, participant statements and government filings can be intimidating to say the least. Thankfully, August Benefits’ full range of administrative and compliance services helps businesses meet these demands with ease.

The design of your company’s unique retirement plan by a credentialed August Benefits associate includes a thorough fact-finding process and evaluation, followed by a carefully planned recommendation to suit your needs.

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